7 Income Challenges Retirees Don't Expect

7 Income Challenges Retirees Don't Expect

Transitioning to a retiree should be a joyous occasion after years of work, yet unforeseen damages and bills threaten to derail your golden years. To protect your savings, consider these income challenges many retirees don’t expect in advance.

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Insufficient Savings

Having enough income to support your lifestyle holds high priority for retirees. Unfortunately, payments can add up without warning and reduce your funds too soon. With so little time left to save, planners will need to secure more sufficient income to live comfortably. 

Life Expectancy

Although we wish for longevity, quality of life can decline over time depending on income. Retirees rarely consider outliving their savings, when realistically 2/3 of your income could be gone before reaching 80. Therefore, securing enough savings is crucial for a long retirement. 

Inflation and Taxation

Price changes can quickly take a toll on your savings. As of June 2022, inflation rates accelerated to 9.1%, with tax rates ranging from 10-37%. And prices may rise higher within the next couple of years. Nowadays, saving for retirement isn’t enough; you must also have a safety net to endure soaring prices.

Market Volatility 

Stock market investments are a popular means for retirees to increase income. Due to market instability, though, investments can instantly shift from losing and gaining. Even trying to obtain stocks is stressful with 10% withdrawal penalties. As a result, retirees need a more reliable and accessible income source. 


Retirees recognize the importance of good medical care as you age. Sadly, recent medical advancements have similarly advanced prices for senior healthcare. And when insurance won’t cover the treatment, guess who will foot the bill? 

Thus, it is essential retirees acquire a steady income source for their financial and physical health. 

Black Swan Events

A “Black Swan” event refers to a possible yet unforeseen event that leaves a major, lasting effect; examples include a robbery, identity theft, or car accident. Though rare, all possibilities could cause your retirement savings to swan dive. In other words, retirees should secure enough stable income for emergencies.

Leaving a Legacy

While living a comfortable retirement is important, retirees also worry about leaving savings behind for their family. How far can a trust fund go if your family needs to pay your lingering debts? Without a reliable income source to support family, your retirement may instead be spent worrying about future financial security. 


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